Police Use of Force Needs Reform

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Ability is the root of accountability.

Did you know that most police have less training and practice after a thirty year career than a Jr. High School athlete does?

Are you aware that how police are trained to use firearms separates shooting skills from decision-making?

Do you realize that the methods used to train officers in use of force skills have been scientifically proven not to work?

Cops should be held accountable. They first need to be able.

Much of the country watches in befuddlement, and often anger, at the actions of some police officers when they use force. The public has every right to expect competence from public servants. However, what most people don’t realize is that there is not, and never has been, any requirement for police officers to be competent in the part of the job that involves guns, batons, tasers, hitting people, etc. Police training in general is not even capable of developing officers who are competent in these parts of the job, nor are qualification tests capable of measuring such proficiency, if and when it exists.

The Saving Lives USA Foundation is a publicly funded non-profit founded by former military and law enforcement who have a passion for human rights and deep expertise in the application of brain-science to improve the design of training systems and methods of human performance measurement. Our Charter is to reduce the social harm from law enforcement use of force. We educate people on how police are trained and what that means. We also educate police agencies and provide them with the tools and methods necessary to improve.

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Citizens expect skilled, professional police. Training today cannot produce them. Learn why – and how we can fix it.



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If it won’t have real-world impacts, then we aren’t out doing it.

Please see below for a summary of the work that we or our related organizations are involved in.

Recent and Ongoing Projects

State of New York – Department of Criminal Justice Police Academy Curriculum Development Project:

Helping to insert thinking, decision-making, and de-escalation as integral components of academy level police firearms training in New York State.

See an article about our impact on Page 42 of the recent Chief’s Chronicle here:

See the public presentation from New York’s Department of Criminal Justice Services on the academy firearms program development starting at minute 49 in the video posted here.

State of New York – Department of Criminal Justice Instructor Development Workshop:

Presenting on the application of brain science to adult learning, and providing an overview and the basis of design for the new academy-level firearms training program that is currently in development.

Cities of Syracuse and Ithaca, New York – Training and Equipment Provision:

With funding from Saving Lives USA, Syracuse and Ithaca New York Police Departments will be receiving training and equipment during an upcoming event this November to put their officers on the leading edge of decision making and de-escalation capability.  More information to follow.


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With your help we can make every cop in America train and qualify in de-escalation of deadly force.


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