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Law enforcement training has recently evolved significantly, focusing on innovative methods to better prepare officers. One standout advancement is the integration of visual stimuli into firearms training, revolutionizing the development of officer decision-making and de-escalation skills. This fundamental shift in methodology not only sharpens marksmanship but also cultivates heightened situational awareness and adaptive responses in high-stress scenarios…

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You can make a difference

Do you want to reform police use of force?  Do you want to support law enforcement?

Every legitimate expert agrees, these goals are not in opposition.

We aren’t simply talking about police reform or writing blog posts about a need for change.

We’re actively driving fundamental change in law enforcement training at scale.

Our and our affiliates’ efforts are already impacting thousands of officers per year, just in New York State alone.

With your generous support, we can reform every police department in the United States.


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If it won’t have real-world impacts, then we aren’t out doing it.

Please see below for a summary of the work that we or our related organizations are involved in.

Recent and Ongoing Projects

State of New York – Department of Criminal Justice Police Academy Curriculum Development Project:

Helping to insert thinking, decision-making, and de-escalation as integral components of academy level police firearms training in New York State.

See an article about our impact on Page 42 of the recent Chief’s Chronicle here:

See the public presentation from New York’s Department of Criminal Justice Services on the academy firearms program development starting at minute 49 in the video posted here.

State of New York – Department of Criminal Justice Instructor Development Workshop:

Presenting on the application of brain science to adult learning, and providing an overview and the basis of design for the new academy-level firearms training program that is currently in development.

Cities of Syracuse and Ithaca, New York – Training and Equipment Provision:

With funding from Saving Lives USA, Syracuse and Ithaca New York Police Departments will be receiving training and equipment during an upcoming event this November to put their officers on the leading edge of decision making and de-escalation capability.  More information to follow.


Get involved

With your help we can make every cop in America train and qualify in de-escalation of deadly force.